Powder coating garden furniture


Media shot blasting

Shot blasting/media blasting with various grit or grades available.

Garden furniture, aluminium or steel work restoration, chairs, gazebos, tables all can be restored with media blasting, usually with an aluminium silicate media.

Houshold Radiators
These can be blasted, outgassed, primed with a zinc primmer powder and then powder coated, with a choice of colours Hipca gloss white or Antique pewter silver amongst others.

Aluminium Silicate Media. Ecostrip Restoration Sand Blasting Abrasive Media.

Description: A synthetic mineral abrasive according to ISO 11126-4 with no silicosis risk, and no water soluble constituents

Ecostrip Restoration 0.90 250 microns For all Restoration Applications
(Cars, Bike, Houses and very delicate work on stonework many more)
Grain size- 0.09 - 0.025

Ecostrip Restoration Abrasives Hardness approx 6 Mohs
Based on Aluminium Silicate.
Formulated for delicate architectural cleaning or work on general blasting applications for removing paint, Cars, Bike , and rust removal, very delicate work on stonework and is used for many restoration applications.

Due to its small size but with sharp particles it can be used very effectively at low pressure.
Contains no free silica and has a ph of 9. It can be used wet or dry

Chemical composition: Aluminium silicate containing:
silica: 48 54 %
aluminium oxide: 24 30 %
iron oxide: 7 12 %
potassium oxide: 2 5 %
calcium oxide: 4 12 %

Physical state: solid, angular granules
Colour: black-pale grey
Odour: none

Calcium Silicate (SC) For Sand Blasting Wood or Ornate Buildings

Used for the cleaning of ornate buildings, preserving detailed features. Also suitable for cleaning wood, minimising grain damage.

Abrasive Type: Expendable
A light coloured calcium silicate synthetic mineral abrasive.
Calcium Silicate
Grades: SC / Finesse

Average Hardness (Mohs)  5.5
Recyclability: None
Dust Levels High
Friability High

Size 0.1 - 0.6mm

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